Edinburgh Trams Tickets

Purchase official Edinburgh Tram tickets

Glide between Edinburgh Airport, the City Centre, Leith and Newhaven with Edinburgh Trams

Choose from: Airport Single, Airport Open Return or Multi-Day Tickets that include an Airport Open return and unlimited tram travel during your stay.

Airport Single Tickets

Adult Airport Single


Child Airport Single


Airport Return Tickets

Adult Airport Open Return


Child Airport Open Return


Family Airport Open Return


Airport Multi-Day Tickets


Adult 3-Day Tram Ticket


Adult 4-Day Tram Ticket


Adult 5-Day Tram Ticket



Child 3-Day Tram Ticket


Child 4-Day Tram Ticket


Child 5-Day Tram Ticket



Family 3-Day Airport Ticket


Family 4-Day Airport Ticket


Family 5-Day Airport Ticket


Edinburgh City Zone Tram Ticket

Buy discounted and multi-day tickets for travel around the city with trams from every 7 minutes.

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